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His parents and other advocates say Wisconsin's juvenile justice system provides these services and is focused on changing behavior through rehabilitation and treatment, rather than by simply punishing young offenders, and they assert that the law must be changed. Penalties under the adult criminal justice system are different from the juvenile system.

Placing youths in adult systems means longer sentences and less individualized treatment. There are also fewer services to assist with behavioral change and fewer opportunities for families to get involved when a year-old is in the adult system. In fact, studies reveal that youths in adult systems commit new crimes more often than those in youth facilities.

Youths also have a greater risk of harassment and death in an adult system. Suicide rates are higher as well. Statistics show that juveniles are 36 times more likely to kill themselves in an adult prison than in a juvenile detention facility. Supporters of changing Wisconsin's law advocate for placing year-old offenders into the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, while still maintaining procedures allowing courts to move them to the adult system if truly necessary.

In addition, juvenile court records are generally closed to the public, which helps protect the offender from future adverse consequences because of one offense committed while the person was still very young and immature.

Thomas W. McGargill will live on East Moreland Boulevard.

If your child has been charged with a crime or juvenile offense in Wisconsin, contact an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney for legal advice as soon as possible. Brookfield Office N. Please enter a valid email address.

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Menu Contact. View Our Practice Areas. Seventeen-Year-Old Wisconsin Offenders Face Harsh Punishments Wisconsin is one of 13 states with laws classifying year-olds as adults in their criminal justice systems, producing harsher penalties for minor offenders. We are obviously overjoyed by today's dismissal! We are proud of your efforts on our behalf and, equally important, on behalf of the many present and future defendants statewide. Thank you.

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I am so pleased to hear that we won. It doesn't seem that it was even a close call. I appreciate your efforts. Separate and apart from the outcome, though, I am supremely impressed by your efforts on your client's behalf. Your comments in support of the requested sentence were perfect in tone and, having now reviewed the extensive sentencing memorandum you filed, your work in that regard was exemplary as well.

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Your client was certainly fortunate to have you as his attorney. I consider myself blessed for everything turning out the way it did, especially since I blindly picked you out of a phone book! You helped me, my family and friends in many more ways than the money ever could. These circles would include colleagues, friends, prosecutors, judges, professors and others who have crossed paths with Kathy.

They would also include the many lawyers like me who have referred numerous cases to Kathy, invariably with positive feedback from the clients regarding her knowledge of their case, empathy, professionalism and fair-mindedness in addressing their concerns. Wonderful work!

Sex offender, now with a place to live in Waukesha, gets another chance to stay out of jail

I almost didn't hire you, but I took a step of faith trusting Him and look what happened? Praise God. Our Lord put you in your vocation for a reason, continue to help those He brings your way. May He bless you in ALL you do!

Sex Offender Who Assaulted 3-Year-Old To Be Released In Waukesha

Crime and Delinquency, 61 3 , ; Kyle, D. American Sociological Review, 60 5 , ; Mann, R. Whereas the common council acknowledges that literature on sex offender recidivism, sex offender desistance, and sex offender residency restrictions contains studies which report varying effectiveness of certain strategies. The common council finds that the risk of recidivism decreases over time from the date of the last conviction, especially in circumstances where offenders have community connections, goals, and employment.

The common council is also aware that absent a domicile clause, the city would have open doors for nonresident sex offender residency when other communities have closed doors, inviting a substantial increase in child sex offender placements, thereby increasing potential negative impacts on the health, safety, welfare, and additional cost to the city and its residents. Studies show increased recidivism rates for offenders who frequently move or do not have established community networks.

These studies support maintaining a domicile clause thereby limiting designated offenders with no ties to the community and increasing the likelihood that a designated offender implements appropriate and existing community support while allowing the community to remain intelligently attentive, aware, and provide adequate and appropriate intervention if needed. Accordingly, the common council has created this regulatory measure designed to protect the health and safety of the children in the city against the threat posed by certain designated sex offenders.

Sex offenders who prey on children represent a substantial danger to victims, target a particularly vulnerable group within the community who are less able to articulate or report abuse, and create a significant impact on law enforcement time and community resources to investigate abuses and mitigate risks. This definition does not include a person who is released under Section The domicile address shall not be a post office box or similar depository.

A designated offender shall not establish a residence in any location on a parcel of land, which, in whole or in part, is within one thousand five hundred 1, feet of the real property comprising any of the following uses:. Any facility for children, which means a public or private school, group home as defined in Section A public park as defined in Section Recreational trails shall not constitute a public park except where the recreational trail is wholly within the confines of a public park. A public library operated pursuant to Chapter 43 , Wisconsin Statutes. School grounds as defined in Section A child care center as defined in Section The distance shall be measured from the closest boundary line of the real property supporting the residence of a designated offender to the closest real property boundary line of the applicable above enumerated use s.

A map depicting the above-enumerated uses and the resulting residency restriction distances shall be created annually. Such map shall be the official map for purposes of this section until the new annual map is created and filed annually. The official map shall be on file in the office of the city clerk for public inspection. In addition to any other restrictions imposed by this chapter, a designated offender shall not be permitted to establish a residence in the city unless that person was domiciled in the city at the time of the most recent offense which causes the person to be a designated offender.

A designated offender does not violate Sections 9. The designated offender is serving a current sentence which requires the designated offender serve a commitment at a jail, prison, juvenile facility, or other correctional institution or facility that would otherwise violate this code. The designated offender has established a residence prior to the effective date of the ordinance previously codified in this chapter, Ord.

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The designated offender has established a residence within one thousand five hundred 1, feet of the location s restricted in Section 9. The designated offender is a minor or ward under guardianship. The residence is a hospital or treatment facility. If a municipality that is adjoining the city contains a facility that meets the criteria set forth in Section 9. No property owner may allow a designated offender to reside on his or her property while in violation of this chapter unless the designated offender has been granted an exemption under Section 9. Each day a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense. In default of payment thereof, the person shall be imprisoned in the house of correction until such forfeiture and costs are paid, but not more than the number of days set forth in Section Additionally, the city attorney may bring an action in the name of the city in the Circuit Court for Waukesha County to permanently enjoin such residency as a public nuisance.

Further, the city may undertake all other legal and equitable remedies to prevent or remove a violation of this chapter. A designated offender may request an exemption from this chapter by submitting a written request for exemption, including any pertinent rationale for an exemption, to the Brookfield police department prior to establishing a residence that would be in violation of this chapter or within thirty 30 days after notification that the designated offender is in violation of this chapter.

The board shall hold a hearing on each appeal, during which the board may review any pertinent information and may accept oral and written statements from any person. The nature of the predicate offense causing the appellant to be a designated offender. Police reports related to the predicate offense if available. Recommendation of the probation or parole officer, if one exists.

Proposals for safety measures and assurances by the designated offender. Conditions to be placed on any exception or variance from the requirements of this chapter. Who the designated offender will be or is living with at the prohibited location.

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Treatment, sobriety, or rehabilitative measures taken by the designated offender. Whether the designated offender meets any of the exceptions listed in Section 9. The board shall issue a decision by a majority vote.