Davidson ORC. Dyer Annex. Grainger Co. Greene Det. Greene WH. Hamilton Jail. Hamilton - Silverdale CCA. Jefferson WH. Johnson City F. Knox - KCJ. Madison Annex. Madison CJC. Madison PF. Montgomery Workhouse. Rutherford Work Center. Sevier Jail. Sevier Annex. Shelby CJC.

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Shelby SCCC. Sullivan Extension. Kingsport City. Unicoi Jail F. Unicoi Annex F. Van Buren. Washington Det, Center. Washington WH. Table Chart Tennessee's County and Local Jail Prison Population During years Total 8, 8, 7, 7, 8, 6, Male 7, 7, 6, 6, 7, 5, Female 1, 1, 1, 1, Tennessee's County and Local Jail Prison Population During years How to Search for County Jail Inmates Searching for someone in a county jail in Tennessee is easy but different than finding an inmate in state prison. Each of the county jails is owned and operated by the local county Sheriff's Office, and therefore anyone wanting to search for jail inmates in the state must contact the local Sheriff's Office where the person was arrested.

Some of the local counties have websites with a list of current jail residents, and some have inmate search features. This facility holds youth offenders and offers them education and a path to rehabilitation to turn their lives around before they become adults. Therapeutic Approach.

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The offender then has the right to have their records expunged. Therefore, anyone looking for an inmate in a Tennessee juvenile detention center cannot search online. Family and friends will gain access to visitation and phone calls more easily than strangers. Tennessee Private Prisons Tennessee contracts with four private prisons to help alleviate overcrowding and shave off some of the responsibility and care for inmates.

All four facilities are owned and operated by CoreCivic. However, the Tennessee Department of Correction still maintains direction over these facilities and their inmates.

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South Central Correctional Facility. Trousdale Turner Correctional Center. Whiteville Correctional Facility. How to Search for an Inmate in a Tennessee Private Prison Finding an inmate in a private prison in Tennessee is as easy as finding one in state prison. The process is the same.

enter Simply follow these quick instructions to find an inmate in a Tennessee private prison: Visit the Tennessee Department of Correction website. Why are People Incarcerated in Tennessee? There are about 58, people incarcerated in the state of Tennessee. Of that total, more than half 30, are in state prison, 19, are in local jails, 8, inmates are in federal prisons. Another are in youth detention, and about are involuntarily committed to mental hospitals. The number one reason After that, the top reasons for incarceration in Tennessee are property offenses, robbery, assault, and sex crimes.

Most Tennessee inmates will return home to family friends once they are released from prison.

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Tennessee does have extensive reentry programs aimed at helping inmates transition successfully back into society. These programs offer assistance with job placement, housing, parenting, and treatment for mental illness or drug and alcohol addictions. Parole is a privilege given only to inmates who do not pose a threat to society and who have behaved well in prison. The Tennessee parole board is the entity in charge of monitoring all prisoners' progress and granting parole when they feel it is warranted.

Parole is a supervisory program where the inmate must check-in regularly with a parole officer and complete other tasks, or they will go back to prison. Often Tennessee judges will order probation for an offender rather than send them to prison. This generally applies to low-risk or first-time offenders. Probation is also a supervisory program where the probationer must follow all the court-ordered rules, including regular check-ins with their probation officer, or they will go to prison to serve out the rest of their sentence.

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Probation usually lasts a few months to a few years. Last Name:.

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City optional :. Databases updated on November 08, Home Inmate Search Tennessee. The following is for informational purposes only. How Does Parole Work in Tennessee? Correctional officers saw Watson riding a golf cart at Johnson's house around a. It was between 9 a. Since his escape, authorities have been searching for Watson, who they described as "extremely dangerous.

Investigators said they've received nearly tips related to Watson's disappearance, and on early Sunday confirmed he was seen in Henning, Tenn. Police narrow search for escaped Tennessee inmate Curtis Watson is accused of killing a prison administrator before going on the run. Nicole Darrah covers breaking and trending news for FoxNews.