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Theft of Drugs by Nurse. Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust. Acquittal from Jury Trial. Adams County, Brighton, Colorado. Domestic Violence. Violation of Restraining Order. Douglas County, Castle Rock. Dismissed by District Attorney during trial. Animal Cruelty. Domestic Violence, Elderly.

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  3. Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, C.R.S. 18-3-412.5.
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  5. Larimer County Colorado Growing Numbers of Registered Sex Offenders.
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Felony Interference with Public Transportation train system. Dismissed after misdemeanor deferred judgment and sentence. Sexual Assault on a Child. Homicide Murder , Deadly Weapon. Denver County, Denver, Colorado.

Commercial DUI. Dismissed at DMV. Deferred judgment and sentence at trial court. Larimer County, Fort Collins, Colorado. Felony Marijuana Possession large quantity. Deferred judgment and sentence. Felony Drug Possession. Dismissed at Motions Hearing by suppression of evidence. Felony Assault on Police Officer. Deregistration of Juvenile Sex Offender. Arapahoe County, Aurora, Colorado.

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Felony Violation of Bail Bond Conditions. Broomfield County, Broomfield, Colorado. Sexual Assault on a Child three alleged victims. Adams County, Northglenn, Colorado.

Child Abuse. Dismissed following hearing. Jefferson County, Lakewood, Colorado. Adams County, Thornton, Colorado. Petition to Deregister Sex Offender. Granted by Court. Adams County, Colorado. Sexual Assault on a Child-Position of Trust. Fairplay, Park County, Colorado. Denver County, Colorado. Judgment of Acquittal During Trial. Kidnapping and Rape Sexual Assault. Montrose County, Colorado.

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Failure to Register as Sex Offender. Jefferson County, Colorado. Juvenile Sexual Assault on a Child. Sexual Exploitation of a Child, Child Pornography. Your first step is determining whether you are looking at felony or misdemeanor sex charges in Colorado.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Sex Crimes in Colorado

Misdemeanor sex crimes in Denver come in one major category; they are almost all class one misdemeanors known as M1. Class one misdemeanors in Colorado are the most serious misdemeanor that you can be charged with and they have very real and long-lasting consequences. Your probation will involve a horrific level of inconveniences, expenses, embarrassments and costs. You may not be able to see your children, use the Internet or a computer, or work at your current job. If you travel for your job or plan on a new job, the restrictions on even misdemeanor sex crimes in Colorado are near unbearable.

Even though the legislature has recently made a push to make some lower-level misdemeanor crimes like urinating in public a sexual crime with sex offender consequences, the majority of filed misdemeanor sex crimes in Arapahoe County and Douglas County and other metro area counties involve the two different crimes of misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact in Arapahoe CRS and indecent exposure in Colorado CRS There are other misdemeanor sex crimes in but they are not charged half as often as the two above.

All misdemeanor sex crimes in Colorado carry determinate sentences, which means that unlike felony sex crimes in Colorado, there is a limited number of years that you can be sent to jail or put on probation for them. However, certain requirements like misdemeanor sex offender registration can last a minimum of 10 years and most courts heavily consider not removing that requirement and making you register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, practically no sex offense can ever be expunged or sealed from your record no matter how many years go by, so to think that a misdemeanor sex crime in Larimer County is a small matter is a serious mistake.

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Did you know that if you are convicted of a sex crime and every time you are put on probation for another crime, you have to do sex offender probation all over again? Yes, you are reading this correctly. That is why you should call or email Shazam Kianpour right now to discuss your misdemeanor sex charges and to get the expert help of a Colorado sex crime attorney who knows how to handle the sensitive nature and defense of these cases. Felony sex crimes in Colorado come in a whole variety of terrifying and life changing formats.

Do Not Let Sex Crime Charges Ruin Your Life

They can be charged as low as a class six felony sex crime in Colorado F6 or as high as a class two felony sex crime F2. No matter what class your felony is, there will be consequences that only a Denver criminal defense lawyer with years of sex crimes defense experience can handle. All class 5 and class 6 sex felonies in Colorado are considered "determinate" sentence sex crimes. That means they do not carry "lifelong" consequences like the more serious sex crime felonies such as sex assault on a child and sex assault rape do. However, all felony sex assault crimes in Colorado, whether they are indeterminate or determinate, carry certain mandatory requirements such as felony sex offender probation SOISP , lifetime sex offender registration in Colorado, or loss of your freedoms such as a social life, activities with your children, being able to possess a firearm or have an alcoholic drink.

Call right now to speak to a sex assault attorney in Denver who has the years of experience and number of sex crime cases handled to put you in the driver's seat and begin the effective defense of your case today. Almost all class 4 and class 3 felonies in Colorado are considered "indeterminate" sex crimes.

That means their sentences carry with them potential lifelong penalties that could include possible life on felony sex offender probation or life in prison. The indeterminate nature of these more serious felony sex crimes makes them very dangerous, and only the most experienced and knowledgeable sex assault and rape defense lawyers should handle them.

Prosecutors treat felony sex assault cases that involve sex assault on a child or rape as the most serious.