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Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send.

It is certainly wise not to assume China is acting in good faith although it is an assessment that should have been made in the early s. It is big and shambolic and riven by dysfunction between the military, party, state and different geographies. Even EU countries that see China as a strategic competitor are unconvinced.

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Undoubtedly the soft loans, cheap land and preferential treatment haven't hurt. It underlines the extent to which the global assault on Huawei is being driven by US security services. It is taking aim at Huawei's entire business, and possibly the global supply chain as well, reinforcing Beijing's repeated grievance that the US is trying to 'stop the rise of China.

Huawei has so far put on a brave face. Teresa He, the president of chip unit HiSilicon, told staff the company had long ago prepared a backup plan.

How to Fight Those Surging Splogs

Yet already Qualcomm, Broadcom and Xilinx and others have stopped shipments, Bloomberg reports. Google has confirmed Huawei might lose access to Android in the future. Huawei has been developing its own handset operating system , but even if it works it will never reach the scale of Android. Because this is about security, and not economics, it's doubtful even a trade agreement would restore Huawei's supply lines. More likely we are heading for a corporate meltdown and the potential shredding of a global trading system.

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Ongoing Event – The Phoney War :

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The phenomenon hit an all-time high recently, when Google's blog-hosting service, Blogger , was inundated with more than 13, fake blogs spawned by a script all have since been taken down. Splog topics are often so nonsensical and wide-ranging they can be hard to pinpoint. But why do sploggers do it?

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How do you know if you've been splogged? And what can you do to stop it? Here are a few tips:. Splogs lift content from real blogs to increase the splog's PageRank at Google and generate ad revenue.

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The problem for bloggers is their blog's PageRank may drop, and they may be associated with spam, damaging their reputation. To find out if your blog is being ripped off, subscribe to news feeds at search engines like Technorati , IceRocket and PubSub. Use search terms like your name, your site's name or its URL.

The Phoney War: Actually Not Phoney

Most bloggers use these services to track what other blogs say about them, but it will also detect splogs lifting your content. You'll recognize a splog by the unusual number of buzzwords in the main content area. And splogs often redirect visitors to an entirely different site. While splogs may seem like a minor annoyance to the individual blogger, the overall effect of splogs is far-reaching. So, for the community's sake, when you notice a splog — report it.

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If the splog is on Blogger, you can easily report it by clicking the Flag button on the top right corner of the page. This will notify Blogger admins about objectionable content, and the splog should be removed. If the splog is on another blogging platform, you may have to contact the host directly.

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Or, you could report the splog to the new, grass-roots service Splog Reporter , which was created by Frank Gruber and Jeff John in August Splog Reporter relies on a special splog-identification system that analyzes a blog's URL for suspicious keywords and things like hyphens — for some reason, most splogs are hyphenated. Splog Reporter adds suspect sites to its database, alerting search engines to remove them from their indexes.