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Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send.

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Metro Station, The new. Our principles are worldwide well known for their standard products and represented by us here on exclusive basis. Their BuildZoom score of 90 indicates that they are licensed or registered but we do not have additional information about them. Please give us a call for an estimate.

Get up-to-date business information, contact details, latest news and press releases and people contacts on ZAWYA MENA Edition Disclaimer: If you are looking for a job in Aluline co Llc or just looking for salary information in the company then this site is not for you because we does not provide the information that you are looking for.

We are one of the leading building material trading and marketing company in UAE. Use search variables to create custom lists and map to view a list of tall buildings around the world. Our records show it was established in and incorporated in MD. ABSEC has designed and implemented a real time reporting system that communicates directly with the ATC for faster completion submissions. Issues outside the provision of basic white page directory listings, such as yellow pages advertising, yellow pages listings, directory coverage, courtesy contact information in the call guide pages or access to premium customer guide pages phone service pages , applicable listings criteria, white page enhancements, and publication schedules will be the subject of negotiations between you and directory publishers, including Dex or any other contracted publishers.

If necessary, a CenturyLink representative will facilitate discussion between you and Dex. How do I submit my listings to CenturyLink? Manual order submission by facsimile is also available and should be negotiated with your Listing Account Manager. If I have negotiated to use the manual ordering process, what forms do I use? CenturyLink does not accept any other version of a manual order form. Which order forms do I use? The LSOG will aid you in identifying when to use each specific form and the rules for completing it. Will I receive a Firm Order Confirmation for my listing order?

Yes, if the listing is received via an electronic format, an electronic FOC will be returned.. Orders submitted manually will receive a manual LR via fax or email. Will I have an opportunity to check the listings for accuracy before directory closes? Yes, you will receive monthly Verification Proofs containing the appearance of the listings on which there was activity during the previous month.

Complete snapshots of all of your listings as they appear in the CenturyLink listings database are also available "On-Demand. No, all name s must have a proper first name or initial.

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However, Mr and Mrs can be added as Title of Address attributes. Can I list a postal address as a listed address? Yes, however, the service address is still required. Where can I obtain information regarding white page directory "close" dates?

You should contact Dex or the other independent directory publisher in which you desire to have end-user listings appear. Does CenturyLink allow listing migration on Number Portability orders? Yes, CenturyLink supports migration "as is" with no changes to the listing, however, the listing must reside in the CenturyLink listing database.

For Home. Contact Us Login to Control Center. Customer Service. Manage My Account. White Pages Directory Listings - V Listings Types Include: Primary or Main Listing includes the name s , address listed and premises address where service is located , and the telephone number of the exchange access line service for each end-user. Premium Listings examples include: Premium Listings Description Additional Listing A listing that is in addition to the primary listing provided for exchange access line service.

It is provided in the same directory as the primary listing. A numeric listing must be associated with the alpha display and must immediately follow the alpha line. Alternate Call Listing Listing that refers callers to an alternate number during certain hours or on certain days, or "if no answer" is received at the main number.

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The alternate number may be that of a different service of the same subscriber or of a service furnished by a different subscriber. In the latter case, the subscriber desiring the Alternate Call Listing must have the consent of the other party. One Answering Service Listing can be established for each patron telephone number. Cross Reference Listing An additional listing by which the subscriber is commonly known or a reference to a complete or new name made obsolete by a change in a firm's name.

Email and URL listings are grandparented for business subscribers only. Enterprise Listing An additional listing that provides a coded number that callers use to place an automatic collect call to the listed party. Email addresses must contain an sign, e. Email Listings are grandparented for business subscribers only.

Joint User Listing Also known as Alternate User AU Listing used when a separate business person, firm, or corporation shares the telephone service of another subscriber. The primary subscriber is responsible for the ordering and payment of charges. Special Non-Published Listing for services that are not entitled to a primary listing or not charged for a non-published primary listing. They satisfy CenturyLink system needs for various entries and name creation.

URL listings cannot contain an sign. A courtesy yellow page listing is not provided. URL Listings are only available to Residential end-users. Business end-users should contact Dex. Privacy Listing includes non-published and non-listed listings. Non-published listings are not included in white page directories and are not available to DA users. Non-listed listings are not included in white page directories but are included on DA service. Additional Privacy Listing options are available, e.

In Austria and Germany , the yellow pages are known as Gelbe Seiten , and in Sweden as Gula Sidorna , which in both cases means the yellow pages. In France and in francophone Canada , they're known as Pages jaunes. In Italy and Italian Switzerland they are known as Pagine gialle. In Japan , the yellow pages are known as Town Page. In Sri Lanka , the yellow pages are known as the Rainbow Pages , or the silver page. In Australia, it is renamed as Yellow in A particular yellow pages is a print directory which provides an alphabetical listing of businesses within a specific geographical area, e.

Traditionally these directories have been published by the local phone company, but there are numerous independent directory publishers. Some yellow pages publishers focus on a particular demographic, e. Yellow pages directories are usually published annually, and distributed for free to all residences and businesses within a given coverage area.

Verify the accuracy of your listings on Google and other sites for free.

The majority of listings are plain and in small black text. The yellow pages publishers generate profit by selling advertising space or listings under each heading. Advertising may be sold by a direct sales force or by approved agencies CMR's.

How to Get rid of Yellow Pages Error

Available advertising space varies among publishers and ranges from bold names up to four color twin page ads "double trucks". Business listings used for publication are obtained by several methods. Local phone companies that publish yellow pages directories rely on their own customer lists and include business listings that are provided by incumbent local exchange carriers ILECs.

Business owners that utilize phone services other than the local phone company typically a Bell Company should make certain that their information has been sent to the publisher for printing in upcoming directories. Advertising in yellow pages directories requires payment in full prior to printing or may be billed monthly over the life of the contract, which is usually 12 months.

Typically, a sales representative will assist the customer in creating their ad design and provides a Proof Copy for review and approval. Advertisers should be aware that many contracts have automatic renewal clauses and require action on the part of the advertiser to end future billing. Yellow pages print usage is reported to be declining with both advertisers and shoppers increasingly turning to Internet search engines and online directories. These online versions are referred to as IYP or Internet yellow pages.

Independent ad agencies or Internet marketing consultants can assist business owners in determining sound opportunities for yellow pages advertising and provide objective information on usage, possession and preferences. Archived yellow pages and telephone directories are important tools in local historical research, trademark litigation, [8] and genealogy.

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Alexander began a freelance career as an illustrator and commercial designer. He formed a long association with the New England Telephone Company lasting thirty-one years. In he designed the "walking fingers" logo and within a year it became the national trademark for their yellow pages. The Bell System later applied for a trademark on the logo but had their trademark denied on the grounds that it "had become a generic indicator of the yellow pages without regard to any particular source.

In some countries, the familiar "walking fingers" logo is not protected as a trademark and may be used by anyone. This logo is used in varying forms by almost every yellow pages publisher; however, there are companies that use it to imitate mainstream publishers. In Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Israel and the Netherlands the directory, although using the yellow pages logo, is called "Golden Pages".

Online business directories are branded as IYP or Internet yellow pages. On a broader scale, they can be classified as vertical directories.