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City leaders, who saw home ownership as key to community stability, embraced the new subdivisions. In support of the city's home ownership campaign, the children in all 18 Lansing schools wrote essays entitled "Why you should own your own home.

Effect of REO on Lansing:

The first owners of the Westside Neighborhood homes were doctors, lawyers, bankers, administrators and auto industry managers. But the area did not shy away from the factories for long.

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In , William C. Durant, former head of General Motors, launched the Durant Motor Company and built his factory just west of the new subdivision, drawing more people to the neighborhood. A significant movement in Lansing Labor history stopped traffic for an entire day from the Frandor Area down to the Capitol on June 7, The officer had intended to arrest Mr. Washburn, but since he was away on union business at the time, they arrested his wife.

Prior to the arrest the telephone wires leading into the house were also cut so that no one could call for help. The Washburn's three children were left alone at home in the middle of the night.

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  • The arrest was prompted by union organizing efforts at the Capital City Wrecking Company. The company had notified the Sheriff's office and all union leaders were arrested in a nighttime sweep. The workers were outraged by the actions of the Sheriff's department. This neighborhood specialized in making tools. The neighborhood began as a commercial crossroads by the Grand River with a mill, a brewery, butchers and shops.

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    By , it was a center for making plows and other agricultural tools. The arrival of the Olds and REO motor car companies changed the face of the neighborhood. New factories made auto bodies, wheels and parts. Forges dotted the landscape, and Lansing grew as thousands of workers foundjobs, bought homes and shopped at neighborhood commercial centers.

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    The spark of auto innovation ignited here in the 's. Olds founded a prosperous machine shop here on River Street, repairing and building steam and gasoline engines. His was one of many Lansing manufacturing plants that produced small engines, carriages, windmills and other equipment used by farmers and businesses.

    GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant Overview

    His son, Ransom, had bigger ideas. He put engines in carriages, creating his first successful "horseless carriage" in Fire didn't destroy Ransom E.

    Lansing's History | Lansing, MI

    Olds' dreams. He took it. His new plant produced only the curved dash runabout, the first car to be called "Oldsmobile. The runabout gave way to new models, but Lansing produced Oldsmobiles until The grant is for the creation of a Wayside Exhibit program in the MotorCities region. Over the course of three years , the Wayside Exhibit program will create a comprehensive system of approximately outdoor signs in communities throughout central and southeastern Michigan.

    Each sign will commemorate Michigan's automotive heritage and will increase public awareness of this on a community and regional level. MotorCities National Heritage Area is an affiliate of the National Park Service dedicated to preserving, interpreting and promoting the automotive and labor heritage of the State of Michigan. National Heritage Areas are places where natural, cultural, historic and scenic resources combine to form a cohesive, nationally important landscape arising from patterns of human activity shaped by geography. Automotive History. Jenison Ave. In , Olds founded a new company: initially the company was called R. Olds Motor Works, by the way, was purchased by General Motors in , which continued to produce the Oldsmobile brands until In , REO made history with the completion of a 4, mile journey across Canada.

    Fonce V. Jack Haney mechanic and driver and Thomas W. Scott assumed the title. In , Olds resigned as the president of REO though he retained his position as chairman of the board. With major losses due to the Depression, Olds ended his retirement in and briefly assumed control of REO. In , REO stopped manufacturing automobiles and concentrated on trucks. One of the trucks developed was the REO Speedwagon, a name which a rock group later took for its name.


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    Shown above is the REO Runabout. Shown above in a REO Model 7 touring car. Shown above is an ad for the line of REO automobiles. Shown above is a REO touring car.