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Oregon Department of Corrections

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The first six puppies were received on April 18, , since that time, EOCI has increased to 16 dogs and 36 carefully selected inmate handlers. These handlers use this program to provide a more focused and intense training program which is increasing the number of canines attaining the status of a service dog. Benefit of this program: The Institution and its inmates will gain the volunteer experience: patience, communication skills, companionship, confidence, love and a greater sense of purpose.

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It has been shown at other institutions that this type of program reduces recidivism rates and the inmates gain valued skills such as: teamwork, improved communication, patience, discipline, job skills, structure, self-discipline and trust. The need for Services Dogs in Oregon and surrounding areas has seen a large increase. How has this program been going?

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They are months ahead of the training schedule. Of the most recent 6 puppies ages 5 and 6 months old all have passed the one year testing. Effect on the inmates: The inmates who are directly involved are very appreciative of this opportunity. The general guidelines that are applicable to all prison facilities is detailed in DOC Policy CRCC also has its own Visitor's Guidelines detailing important notices, visiting rules, guidelines for all visits prison and video , and regular visiting hours for each housing unit.

Visitors are to remain in their vehicles until a.

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Many family friendly events are hosted at CRCC. These events may disrupt regularly scheduled visiting hours.


Below are the regularly scheduled visiting hours for each unit that accepts visitors at CRCC. Regular visiting hours are subject to change due to unplanned incidents, as well as scheduled events. Family Council meetings are a great opportunity for approved visitors to ask questions, make suggestions, receive information, and share their perspective on the facility.

Prison Locations

At CRCC, a family member is co-chair of the council. Together, the participating visitors and facility staff establish the agenda and work together to resolve issues as they are identified. In addition to family members, meetings are generally attended by the facility Superintendent or Associate Superintendent, Visiting Program staff representative, Family Services Program staff representative, and others as needed. Regardless of the setting, COs maintain order within the institution and enforce rules and regulations.

COs periodically inspect facilities, cells, and other areas of the institution for unsanitary conditions, contraband, fire hazards, and any evidence of rule infractions. In addition, they routinely inspect locks, window bars, grilles, doors, and gates for signs of tampering, and most importantly, COs conduct frequent and routine counts at night and during the day to ensure all AICs are accounted for.

COs also report security breaches, disturbances, rule violations, and any unusual occurrences, and they typically keep a daily log or record of their activities. COs cannot show favoritism and must report any AIC who violates the rules. Should the situation arise, they help the responsible law enforcement authorities investigate crimes committed within their institution.

Working Environment : Most Correctional Officers COs are employed in one of 14 State Department of Corrections prisons, watching over the approximately 14, adults in custody AICs who are incarcerated there at any given time.

Although prisons can be dangerous places to work, prison populations are more stable than jail populations, and COs in prisons know the security and custodial requirements of the adults in custody with whom they are dealing. In prison facilities with direct supervision cell blocks, COs work unarmed. They are equipped with communications devices so they can summon help if necessary. The COs enforce regulations primarily through their interpersonal communications skills and through the use of progressive sanctions, such as the removal of some privileges.