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Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send.

An expungement order will protect you if you are interested in higher education or professional programs.

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By expunging your criminal record, you prevent colleges, universities, future employers, and government agencies from viewing your charge. If you are successful in getting an expungement order, you can legally say that you have never been arrested. If you have been arrested, we can in certain situations get the court to order that your record will not be disclosed to future employers.

You may be able to get a non-disclosure order if you successfully complete a deferred adjudication probation. Although a non-disclosure order can remove the charge from public viewing, it cannot keep the charge hidden from law enforcement, and certain governmental and licensing agencies.

Williamson County DWI enforcement

Dismissed criminal charges can be sealed with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Thus, the record is hidden, but not completely destroyed; in certain circumstances, your criminal record may still be reviewed. Expunction of criminal history can vary from place to place.

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In most cases, however, sex offenses and domestic violence charges are not eligible for expunction. Contact Robert M.

We can help seal, expunge or retrieve a non-disclosure court order for your records. Attorney Michael J.

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Call Law Office of Michael J. Often, individuals who have been charged with a first DWI, DUI or drunk driving offense believe they are capable of driving. As defined in section Normal faculties are anything the alleged DWI offender could do on a regular daily basis.

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  • An individual can also be considered intoxicated in Texas if their BAC is over the legal limit of. This means they will automatically be arrested regardless of any other factors, even if they are able to use their normal faculties if they are over the legal limit.

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    According to Tex. Code Ann.

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    For example, a woman who has one drink in one hour and weighs pounds will probably have a BAC of. If this woman brushes her teeth or uses mouthwash with a high level of alcohol, her breath alcohol level could reach or exceed the legal limit. If the woman has two drinks in one hour, her BAC is likely to be around. This puts her over the legal limit and could result in a per se DWI if she decides to operate a motor vehicle.